A Ledger Distributor Horror Story

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The Ledger Story: How Not to Treat Your Distributors

I just published a piece in which I describe the relationship between Bitfalls.com and Ledger, the manufacturer of a line of popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets. Long story short, it wasn’t exactly dreamy and the manufacturer ends up competing with their own resellers. Read the full post here: A Ledger Story: How Not to Treat Your Distributors.


In other news, Valhello (the Layer2 app I described earlier) now has a dedicated website at Valhello.app. This website will document our findings as we develop this game, explaining bits and pieces in research posts, tutorials, and implementation examples. Keep an eye on it to stay in touch, subscribe to the RSS feed, or just follow me on Twitter.

Other cool links

Here’s some more external reading material you might enjoy.

  • eWASM is the new virtual machine powering Ethereum 2.0. But to really understand it, take some time to learn about WASM first and find out why it’s the proper approach to finally rid us of the horror that is JavaScript.

  • Zombie Battleground is now in open alpha, which means anyone can join and participate in some trading-card-game PvP zombie card combat! Join our hordes!

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Valhello: Ethereum Games and State Channels

What are state channels and how do they apply to games on the Ethereum blockchain?

I’m starting to build a blockchain-assisted MUD game - multi user dungeon - in which you type out commands and read descriptions of rooms and situations as opposed to looking at fancy graphics. This is mainly going to happen as a proof of concept of state channels, but also of other technologies for layer 2 scaling similar to Bitcoin’s (non functioning and broken) lightning network (I explain how it’s broken in the post linked below).

If you’d like to accompany me on this journey or learn more about what I’m building and how it’s going to be built, check out the most recent post: https://bruno.id/valhello-ethereum-state-channels-for-games/

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What's it like to live in Croatia?

Game of Thrones-y dreamland, or Venezuela 2.0?

I just published What is it like to live in Croatia? - a repost of a Quora answer I came across a while back. In it, the author perfectly describes all aspects of this lovely country, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a read if you’re considering moving here or already live here and are having doubts about leaving.

If you’re from Croatia, please share it with your friends and colleagues and reply in the comments on the post - I’m interested in seeing where we agree vs disagree!

Go directly to the post with this link: https://bruno.id/what-is-it-like-to-live-in-croatia/


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A long time ago, I used Medium, Ghost and Blogger to publish my thoughts. When the Web3 era came I decided that I don’t want to keep my data in someone’s private silo, especially if that someone is then selling my data without sharing the profits or asking me about it.

I decided to run my blog on a dedicated static website so that my content doesn’t:

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