Who even are you?

I’m a blockchain developer from Croatia passionate about decentralizing the web and enabling the censorship-resistant web3. I used to be a web developer. You can find out more about my history at https://bruno.id.

I also like games, so feel free to add me on Oculus and Steam as theswader.

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I publish stuff about Nim development and Ethereum 2.0 on Our.Status.Im. I publish cryptocurrency and blockchain general stuff, along with some tutorials, at Bitfalls.com. Everything else will go here: opinions, gaming, tutorials unrelated to the above, etc.

I basically use this to shout into the ether, and if you want to be there to hear it that’s cool, but really there’s not much to gain by subscribing to this once-per-year-or-so-newsletter.

Why not Medium?

Because I don’t like centralized silos of information, data, and control. Especially if they sell my content without permission or giving me a fair share. I also love to be in control of my content - how it’s written, how it’s rendered, how it’s presented, to whom, when and where. This is all impossible with Medium. With my own website, I have some control. Plus, the guys at Publii have made an amazing tool making all this so much easier.


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