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What's this about?

I’m a blockchain developer and technical writer. I used to be a web developer. I frequently speak at conferences, and I managed to write a book. More about all that at

Anyway, what this newsletter is about:

A long time ago, I used Medium, Ghost and Blogger to publish my thoughts. When the Web3 era came I decided that I don’t want to keep my data in someone’s private silo, especially if that someone is then selling my data without sharing the profits or asking me about it.

I decided to run my blog on a dedicated static website so that my content doesn’t:

  • disappear without warning

  • track visitors and serve them ads, on my blog or elsewhere

  • takes ages to load, wasting tons of resources

  • takes long to update and thus walls by the wayside was born out of that effort, and it’s where I’ll be publishing all the content that doesn’t fit into or, the two companies I do the bulk of commercial writing for.

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